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League Of Legends #2219 on Scripts

League of Legends actual game does not start

Added by girffe on 2013-05-05 21:11:54 - Comment or update this ticket

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2013-10-07 00:51:18
Description, steps to reproduce:
When I installed League of Legends, everything was fine, and I was able to run/update it as well. The launcher seems to work perfectly; I can create custom games and talk to people. However, once it actually tries to launch the game, it shows the league of legends logo, but never actually launches the game itself. I've tried wine 1.5.29 and 1.5.24-LeagueOfLegendsShop; both have the same problem. I've also tried emulating a virtual desktop, which didn't help either. I don't know if this matters, but sometimes when navigating through PoL menus, I get an error saying "iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile".

I'm running 64-bit Archlinux, linux version 3.9.0-2-ARCH. I'm using xmonad with no DE, my GPU is GTX 680 (proprietary drivers, version 313.30). I also have three monitors. Attached is the debug log from trying to run LeagueOfLegends.


Update by girffe on 2013-05-05 21:13:46

I forgot to mention this in the ticket: I am able to run steam games without issues

Update by petch on 2013-05-05 21:22:37

err:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"WLDAP32.dll": libldap_r-2.4.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
err:module:import_dll Loading library WLDAP32.dll (which is needed by L"C:\\Riot Games\\League of Legends\\RADS\\system\\rads_user_kernel.exe") failed (error c000007a).
err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"C:\\Riot Games\\League of Legends\\RADS\\system\\rads_user_kernel.exe" failed, status c0000135

Doesn't look good, try installing the 32bit version of libldap_r-2.4.so.2

err:module:load_builtin_dll failed to load .so lib for builtin L"winealsa.drv": libasound.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Same thing, try installing the 32bit version of libasound.so.2

Update by petch on 2013-05-05 21:24:05

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Update by girffe on 2013-05-05 21:45:56

I had already installed lib32-libldap before this, I installed lib32-alsa-lib afterwards. I tried rebooting, but I still get both of those error messages; is there anything I need to do to configure them beyond just installing them with pacman?

Update by petch on 2013-05-06 00:41:16

No, you shouldn't need to configure anything, the system should have installed them in the path 32bit apps look for libraries.
So either the versions don't match, or the system is not correctly setup.

Update by m4tt on 2013-05-12 16:15:31

I have a very similar system (Arch64 + Nvidia Driver) and exactly the same problem. After champ select and lock-in, the League logo appears, but nothing else happens. The main/shop/chat window is still accessible, and states that a game is still in progress.

The following log is from a fresh installation I did yesterday using playonlinux, whithout any additional changes. The libraries mentioned above are installed.


> err:ole:CoUninitialize Mismatched CoUninitialize

This is the last line in the console log, after champ select.

Update by Romrhum on 2013-05-15 21:43:38

Same problem here with Ubuntu 12.10. 32 bits' version.

romain@Ordi-des-yayas:~$ uname -a
Linux Ordi-des-yayas 3.5.0-28-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Tue Apr 23 23:05:48 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux

I tried different drivers.
Using X.org X server :
Game is launched, every panels are available once connected. But unable to launch any game, tutorials or multiplayer games. The logo from League of legends appears, then a black window popped, then I come back to the desktop. If I return to the application by a little icon which is still in the Unity bar (of Ubuntu), the message "Game is still in progress" is there.

Using nVidia-current library, nVidia-current library-updates :
the game is not launched at all from PlayOnLinux.

I tried differents configurations of wine
First I configured wine for "Windows XP", then "Windows 7". Same problem.

I tried wine version 1.5.24-LeagueOfLegendsShop and 1.5.30. (currently testing with other versions...)
Any help ?

Update by petch on 2013-05-15 22:16:49

League of Legends requires patched Wine, so you can restrict your search to 1.5.18-LeagueOfLegends and 1.5.24-LeagueOfLegends.

Update by Romrhum on 2013-05-17 17:34:06

Hello guys,
I finally succeed. Change your graphic card's driver to the proprietary one. For Ubuntu it is in Parameters -> Software resources -> Additional pilotes. Check the one recommended (and approved by Ubuntu developers). Mine was nVidia.
If it is not installed yet, you will download it for a while.
Reboot once it is ok with the driver.

For me it granted me playing LOL directly after reboot.
Good luck.

Update by petch on 2013-05-17 19:25:08

It's not 100% obvious, but I think the original bug reporter is using the nVidia proprietary drivers already.

Update by Pragmataraxia on 2013-06-06 14:08:59

My guess is that you'll see quite a few of this type of bug on here.  The problem is that LoL freaks out if "localhost" resolves to your local host (fuck me, right).

Change your /etc/hosts, and then you can actually play.


Update by petch on 2013-06-09 22:59:10

localhost resolves to on my box, as it should, and I never had such issue with League of Legends.
Or maybe your meant the other way around, it fails if localhost doesn't resolve?

I've heard this argument a few time, still it's not clear what condition crashes LoL exactly.

Update by m4tt on 2013-06-20 09:51:10

Wow, THX! During my search for solutions to my problem I never came accross this fix.

Changed fist line in /etc/hosts to    localhost.localdomain    myhostname

and now the game starts without problems!

Update by petch on 2013-06-20 12:54:40

So, what matters is that the host name resolves? Or maybe resolves to localhost IP?

Update by Otyugh on 2013-07-13 18:25:54

Please, can you say more ? I've the exact same issue, but what should I put for "myhostname" ? I've some doubts about it :/

Update by Otyugh on 2013-07-13 20:08:29

Solved by myself. Ideed. just do "hostname" in the bash to see what is it ~

Update by SirSid on 2013-10-07 00:51:18

Installing the :i386 version of those two packages petch recommended above got the lol launcher working for me in Debian (Jenny Branch)