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Donarius Church Management Software


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Church management software to track members, contributions, pledges and more. Keeps track of relationships between donors, such as: families, sponsors and small groups. Donarius lets you view and print tax receipts, quarterly statements, donor lists, color photo directories, mailing labels/envelopes. Tax receipts and quarterly statements can also be emailed as a PDF.  It has a variety of customizable reports, such as donations by date or donor. There are many options when re-assigning envelope numbers. Print your own offering envelopes instead of buying preprinted ones from a church envelope company. Donarius sends personalized letters,  emails and text messages.  It also records "gifts in kind" and pre-authorized deposits.  (ie. donations received through ACH) Data can be shared from different computers using DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive,, Good Sync, TeamDrive or SpiderOak.  This is like web-based software but without the monthly fee.  You can design your own tax receipts or we will do it for you at no extra charge.  Just email us a sample tax receipt as a Word document.  Donarius imports data from your current software so you don't have to re-enter it.  Import contribution files from Vanco or WeShare in a few clicks.  It exports data to be used in other software, such as QuickBooks. The donor types and characteristics are customizable. When/why a donor donated will be recorded (ie. source codes).  There are up to 200 donation categories/funds. Each user has their own password and access privileges. Can also be used by a single user without a password. Also runs on a Mac using PlayOnMac or Wineskin. The software is also used by non-profits to manage their donor and donation database. 25% off for small organizations with 100 active donors or less per year.  Comes with a one year warranty.

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