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I'm trying to play rct2 through steam on PlayOnMac as i have done so before with my older laptop (2015 Intel i5 processor Macbook Pro) with no issues. 

However this time i struggled to get steam's login page to open, but resolved this adding 'wine steam.exe -noreactlogin' in the arguments section of configuration. Then steam ran normally, (also only allowing me to access my games through the smaller version on view) & downloaded rct2 as i did before. It installed normally and seemingly functionally with the only red flag being none of my games in small view on steam would allow me to open 'properties'.

Once rct2 was installed, i tried to run it and it consistently crashes before opening up, with a popup stating 'unable to initialize graphics system'. I have tried to find a resolution for this but can't seem to find anyone having the same issues as me. 

My only other thought is it could be because i am now trying to run the software on a 2021 macbook pro M1 max on the newest OS being Ventura 13.0.1 - so maybe PlayOnMac/steam/rct2 doesn't run on this system yet.

Would be great if someone could help me find a solution. 

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