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League Of Legends, Microsoft Office 2010, and more new installers

Sunday 13 May 2012 at 16:18

Hi everybody !

Many new installers have been added into PlayOnLinux !

League Of Legends

The famous League Of Legends, is now available into PlayOnLinux Testing category. Support is far from being perfect, but the game should run on linux exclusively (tested on debian) The game is still crashing on Mac OS, I have no answers for the moment
Don't hesitate to send feedbacks, we would like to know if the game runs well on your computer.

logo Run League Of Legends PlayOnLinux Script

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is now officially supported, and goes into Office category. (It was from testing by now). Please note that it will work only on Linux for the moment. Furthermore, you must install winbind

logo Run Microsoft Office 2010 PlayOnLinux Script

Guild Wars

The installer has been rewritten, to improve its support and its stability on latest PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac versions. Guild Wars works on Linux and on Mac OS X

logo Run Guild Wars PlayOnLinux Script

Educational programs

Some educational programs have been added and corrected
Adibou 2, for 6 and 7 years old children works perfectly on Linux and Mac OS

logo Run Adibou 2 PlayOnLinux Script

ISIS Draw 2.3 (free) is a tool allowing you to draw molecules. It works on Linux and on Mac OS

logo Run ISIS Draw 2.3 PlayOnLinux Script

Geoplan Geospace (free) is a geometry programs. It works on Linux and on Mac

logo Run Geoplan Geospace PlayOnLinux Script

Divers jeux

Simcity 2000 works on Linux and on Mac OS

logo Run SimCity 2000 PlayOnLinux Script

"Panthère Rose" (French program) (1 et 2) works on Linux and on Mac

logo Run La Panthere Rose 2 - Destination Mystere PlayOnLinux Script
logo Run La Panthere Rose 1 - Passeport pour le Danger PlayOnLinux Script

For the nostalgics, Microsoft Fury 3

logo Run Microsoft Fury 3 PlayOnLinux Script

Good game everybody ! New surprises are coming

Quentin PÂRIS


Author Replies
hey02 Tuesday 15 May 2012 at 0:22


Hello, I took a look at the League of Legends scripts, and it seems a bit wrong on a few points.

First, the wine version to use is 1.5.3-LeagueOfLegends. It includes the newest avoid deadlock patch and 3 other patches that make the store work (see the build request here: )

Second, it seems that corefonts and vcrun2008 aren't needed, the game works fine without them.

I made a tutorial here about how to install LoL here , it isn't that different from the script, maybe that will help you.
EOF Tuesday 15 May 2012 at 3:03

In fact, the script uses the good version, it's just a commentary you saw
samiscool30 Tuesday 15 May 2012 at 23:08


A black square appear in the middle of my screen where the league of legends logo is supposed to be, and Wine just crashes.
over Friday 18 May 2012 at 18:18

i cant open the league of legends link, bcause firefox does not associate it with any program... and in the playonlinux install manu there is no league of legends entry (updated it 1min ago).

Help would be highly apreciated
over Friday 18 May 2012 at 18:19

found it....
Mikrofonkabel Friday 18 May 2012 at 18:35

i have the same problem as samiscool30:
black squre, nothing happens.
newbie73 Saturday 19 May 2012 at 15:13


WARNING: After the installer finishes, uncheck the Run League of Legends checkbox,
otherwise, a black box shows in place of the Logo, and the game wont start
newbie73 Saturday 19 May 2012 at 15:21

^^ Worked for me!

Also, was announced today the Darius Patch, they say it will improve the framerate up to 50 %, even on lowest display settings.

Lets hope that improve performance on Linux gameplay.

TiP: If you have the setup you downloaded on Windows, just compress into a tar, and use setup from my computer
Rounn Sunday 20 May 2012 at 21:25


Keep getting ,,The server is currently busy." message. I've already checked the ie settings. Any advice?
Miehh Saturday 26 May 2012 at 21:58

About League of Legends:
I can install and update it fine but I can't login with any user with the testing script.
Today I tried some others ways to play LoL in linux (looking at the first comment) and i made it work but it crashes after starting or watching a game :(

So I suppose that it could be easy to fix the login problem
Rolanovich Sunday 3 June 2012 at 18:02

- Last version of PlayonLinux
- Last version of LEague of legends

Installing and patching the game worked.

I closed the launcher.When I start the launcher again, it do the following :

The launcher hangs when trying to calculate the differences : step 1/2 calculating the differences....

FullMetal48 Wednesday 6 June 2012 at 12:54


I have a problem when i try to log in the game: internal errors - invalid parameters recieved
Any solution? Please help :)
PS: Im using Mint 13 if it can help :)
aurelienbis Sunday 10 June 2012 at 14:01


I don't understand what to do. There are so many tutorials and none says the same thing. How to install LoL ?
Mrdito Saturday 16 June 2012 at 23:55

Hello.. there is a problem went I tried it. Looks like the vcrun2005 installer call a error saying: "Acces denied". And, wen I try to run the game it crashes and say:

     "[06/16/12 17:19:11] - Running wine-1.5.3-LeagueOfLegends rads_user_kernel.exe run lol_launcher LoLLauncher.exe
( DEBUG)[17:19:14.789] RADS::Common::RegistryHelp::RegKeyValueString::RegKeyValueString: (Software\Riot Games\RADS, LocalRootFolder, c:\rads)
wine: Call from 0x7b83bb52 to unimplemented function msvcp80.dll.??0?$basic_stringstream@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@QAE@H@Z, aborting
wine: Unimplemented function msvcp80.dll.??0?$basic_stringstream@DU?$char_traits@D@std@@V?$allocator@D@2@@std@@QAE@H@Z called at address 0x7b83bb52 (thread 0009), starting debugger..."

I have tried to configure wine, adding the library with the wine configuration tool and it still got the error.

Sorry for the bad english.
pseudoseto Friday 22 June 2012 at 19:12

After the latest patch (Darius), I can start games, etc, but it seems that in addition to the one color layer the main layer (environment, etc.) it now not displayed, leaving me blind. Can't see players, map, creeps. Does anyone have a fix? (And nothing to do with hardware, I was able to play at 60fps on Windows previously.) (And was able to play at 30fps on WINE). I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and am using the "testing" script. Has th epatch broken it? SO FRUSTRATED!!!
Lolmint Thursday 19 July 2012 at 0:33

I installed League of legends with Playonlinux today on my Linux Mint 9 machine. Installation smooth, first game run with no problems. Thanks all for the great work!
manos Sunday 2 September 2012 at 13:56


well , i've got the same thing as 'over'... I cant find LOL in PlayOnLinux games list, and i cant open the league of legends link, because firefox does not associate it with any program........... PLS HELP
manos Sunday 2 September 2012 at 13:59


i found it....
manos Monday 3 September 2012 at 2:14


well i have a problem when i try to login to my account .. it says invalid username/password but i definatelly use the right ones.... PLS help
just me Friday 5 April 2013 at 15:32

During installation I get the message:

Downloader crashed, likely because it opened more files than allowed. It will be restarted in the hope it completes its job.

LeagueOfLegends.exe.log says:

4/5/2013 14:06:38.345:main:D:SWT loaded. Version 3740
4/5/2013 14:06:38.345:main:D:SWT Version is: 3740
4/5/2013 14:06:38.345:main:D:Running version
4/5/2013 14:06:38.346:main:D:OS is Windows NT ?? ; Architecture is x86
4/5/2013 14:06:38.346:main:D:OS is 32bit
4/5/2013 14:06:38.346:main:D:Loading config from installer.ini
4/5/2013 14:06:38.347:main:D:Could not find file installer.ini
4/5/2013 14:06:38.347:main:D:Loading config from jar
4/5/2013 14:06:38.348:main:D:Loading status from
4/5/2013 14:06:38.348:main:D:Loading config from URL
4/5/2013 14:06:38.348:main:D:** Setting local connection handler
4/5/2013 14:06:38.348:main:D:Setting connection type to for
4/5/2013 14:07:41.490:main:W:java.lang.NullPointerException

Using Playonlinux 4.2.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

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