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New ads policy

Friday 4 January 2013 at 14:11

Hi everybody,

First of all, PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac's team wish a very happy new year. We hope to bring you a lot of new stuff this year.

Last news about [url=]ads blocked by a French ISP[/url] made us think about the way PlayOnLinux et PlayOnMac are funded. Indeed, we want ads not be any longer compulsory on the website. Nevertheless, today, the project does need ads to survive.

That is why we've decided to encourage [url=]donations[/url]. From now on, for a 4€ (or 5$) donation, donator will not see ads anymore for a month when they are connected on the website with an account registered with their email address.

To remind, these money helps us to :

[li]Fund the server, needed to host the website, the scripts and built wine versions.[/li]
[li]Fund the developement server, allowing us to build wine automatically every other week[/li]
[li]Buy some programs and games in order to improve PlayOnLinux and PlayOnMac[/li]
[li]Motivate us[/li]


P.S. We are about to release a new version of PlayOnLinux, but we are currently moving to another developement server, which is making things harder.

Quentin PÂRIS



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