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PlayOnLinux 3.3

Saturday 24 January 2009 at 23:56

Here's the First version of PlayOnlinux for the year 2009 !

It is a major change in WineVersion's behavior, not about the graphics or the script implementation but on the internal code
This change allows the use of wine packages that have been intended for PlayOnLinux.
This means that we're no longer dependant on the debian repository, which was a source of problems for certain distributions, but on a repository maintained by a member of the team (MulX).

Every new version of wine will automatically be compiled on sunday night (if there has been a new version) and so the update in the Wine Version menu will happen on monday morning

Every version works on all distributions using Glibc with a version more recent than the 2.3.6 which should include every distribution that has been out since 2006 (the Glbic 2.3.6 was out on November, 3rd 2005).
This will allow the solution of problems encountered by users of Mandriva 2008.0 with earlier versions of PlayOnLinux and the newest versions of Wine. A problem that certainly affects other distributions

This means we'll no longer be using lzma (LZMA), a de/compression application used by the older versions to extract debian packages

note 1 : the RC versions don't have the same name anymore; the former manager used a tilde (~) as a seperator (1.0~rc1) whereas now it uses a dash (-) (1.0-rc1). If by any chance an installer still uses a RC version, please let us know so that we'll make the necessary adjustment.

note 2 : if you encounter a problem due to the use of a wine package, not a wine bug, but a bug on these packages, please let us know as soon as possible.

Message to the packagers : lzma is no longer required !!

PS: as a bonus you can even use the 0.9.7 version of wine !