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Internet Explorer 7 and more

Saturday 7 February 2009 at 18:17

You are a web developer using Linux and you are annoyed every time you have to test your website with Internet Explorer 7? You gave up testing your website with IE7 because it requires you to boot Windows (with your dual boot or in a virtual machine) or worse: you don't have Windows?

Form now on, a simple solution exists!

Indeed, thanks to Tom Wickline, we are able to provide a PlayOnLinux installation script for Internet Explorer 7.
Thus, you'll just have to click on "Forward" a few times to get a functional Internet Explorer 7 (in more than 20 languages) running on your Linux system. Pretty painless, isn't it?

Don't believe me? Look at the following screenshots:

For more details (about how well IE7 runs for example), see this topic in the forum.

And that's it? Nothing else new?

Of course not!

- After the Crayon Physics game prototype, twinoatl made us an installation script for Crayon Physics Deluxe, the full game based on the same concept.
- Thanks to the bug reports of rettichschnidi, the installation scripts for Age Of Empires II and Baldur's Gate II have been fixed so they now work correctly with the German versions of these games.