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PlayOnLinux 3.8 is available

Tuesday 24 August 2010 at 18:10

Hi everybody!

PlayOnLinux 3.8 is now out!
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A lot of bugs have been fixed

- Fixed Bug #22,
- Ukrainian file should be called uk.po instead of ua.po,
- PlayOnLinux can no longer run in its own environement,
- The program does not alert the user that 3D acceleration is not present when the mesa-utils package is not installed,
- Fixed a bug in library loading,
- Fixed a bug in the Wine Import plugin and Offline PlayOnLinux plugin,
- Some cleaning up.

A lot of new features

Some plugins are now integrated in our software, adding a lot of features:
- Capture will allow you to record your games,
- Wine Import will allow you to add Wine apps into PlayOnLinux, and use our features for it,
- Cedega Import will let you import your Cedega games,
- Wine Look will help you change the color of your Wine application to fit better with your desktop,
- Advanced Wine Configuration will give you access to a lot of tweaks for Wine,
- Offline PlayOnLinux will allow you to run PlayOnLinux without Internet access, by running a server script locally.

For scriptors

- POL_GetSetupImages and POL_SetupWindow_InitWithImages will help you manage top and left images for your scripts. Here is an example:
POL_GetSetupImages "" "" "script_name"
POL_SetupWindow_InitWithImages # Replace POL_SetupWindow_Init

- playonlinux-shell (run it in a terminal) will give you access to PlayOnLinux's debugging shell.

Some explanations for 3.7.7 features

- POL_SetupWindow_auto_shortcut will allow you to create a shortcut without giving the name of the directory.
POL_SetupWindow_auto_shortcut "my_wineprefix" "My_Program.exe" "My_icon.png" "Program name"

- POL_SetupError will close the script if a command fails.
cd /directory || POL_SetupError "/directory does not exists"

We advise you update your PlayOnLinux version.