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64-bit Linux user? We need you!

Saturday 22 January 2011 at 23:44

Good evening,

As the manager of the WineBuild aspect of PlayOnLinux, I can now announce that a Wine package compiled and (hopefully) functional for 64-bit architecture is coming soon!

However, before we start integrating this into PlayOnLinux's main code, I need you to test a few things with version 1.2.1, to make sure the package is working as it should.

Since it is not possible yet to directly integrate a new Wine version install into PlayOnLinux's WineVersion manager, you will have to click "Install" and search for "get:787" (without the quotes), then click Install.

That will allow you to install the 1.2.1 version of Wine compiled for the 64-bit architecture and will make it available in the WineVersion menu as "1.2.1-64b".

You can then assign it to a particular application and make a few tests.

Please let us know whether "it works" or "doesn't work". If it does not, make sure to include as many details as possible and tell us if it works with the 32-bit version of 1.2.1 (both can be installed at once, and you can get it from WineVersion, as usual).

That's pretty much it. Ready, set, go!


UPDATE: You can now install more Wine Version in 64 bits by browsing "Install" -> "Other" -> "Wine Version x86-64".