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ATI Catalyst 8.02

Friday 15 February 2008 at 12:02

The 8.02 version of Catalyst, including the display driver for ATI video cards flgrx 8.455.2 was released the day before yesterday.

This update brings:
- The Xserver no longer crashes if the screen resolution is changed in horizontal or vertical desktop setup with a monitor that does not support DDC.
- The Xserver no longer segfaults or fails to initialize DRI if a BusID was specified in an unexpected format in xorg.conf.
- The Xserver no longer freezes on shutdown if atieventsd is running.
- The first OpenGL application run after starting a session on Xserver version 1.4 no longer hangs.

Full and detailed release's notes are HERE.


ATI Catalyst 8.02 for x86 systems

ATI Catalyst 8.02 for x86_64 systems