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Play under Linux without Wine? Yes it is possible :)

Saturday 16 February 2008 at 13:45

To play under Linux today you must go through wine/cedega, hope that the editors had the courage to bring the game on an OS whose market share is negligible compared to the cost of developing or play a native game Linux. There is a another alternative, to play Windows games like Crysis on a low profile Linux PC. You may say that??s impossible, no guys it is possible.

StreamMyGame is a program that lets you start a game on a machine and distribute video and sound. The user must have a "server" where the game will be installed and launched and a client with a plugin, the audio/videos are sent to the client, which return the keyboard/mouse control.

I can imagine businesses already hosting games and providing services using this technology, we no longer need to worry about the OS at home

High resolutions may require high speed Internet connection like the optical fiber, but this software may change how we play??. Or not

Web site: StreamMyGame