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A non-official chat for PlayOnLinux

Saturday 5 April 2008 at 1:56


After a number of problems with the official and main chat, the la community decided to create a Jabber chatroom.

We invite you to join us:

Name: playonlinux
Conference's server:
Maximum capacity: 40 (it isn't forbidden to dream, right? )

You have to own a Jabber address to conect to the chat. Reminder: Jabber is an Instant Messaging system like MSN but totally open and free. You can acces to it very easily with Pidgin or Kopete for example.

More informations about Jabber here.

To connect you to the chatroom from Pidgin:

Tools > Chatroom list > Get the list > > playonlinux

To connect you to the chatroom from Kopete:

Right click on you jabber account icon (at the bottom on the right) > Join a chatroom > Fill the Room, Server and Pseudonym fields then click on "Join"

However this chat is administrated by some of the PlayOnLinux's administrators and moderators, it stays totally independent from the website and keep a purely community spirit (help demand in particular). But we recommend the forum as main source of help.

For any suggestion, bug, partnership, proposition and candidature, thank you to post your requests on the official forum.

To keep in mind: For any help in live, you should privilege the official IRC chat.
To connect to it:

Type irc:// if you use ChatZilla

Serveur :
Channel : #playonlinux
For the others

You will find there the official support, where you can make suggestions and report bugs too.

Good chat.

By Zoloom