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PlayOnLinux in Planète Linux!

Sunday 6 April 2008 at 20:27

For a surprise, it's an excellent one!
In its April-May 2008 number (n°51), the French bi-monthly magazine Planète Linux propose a little article about PlayOnLinux! You'll find it in the "Logithèque" heading, at the page n° 44.

Let's specify that it's the first appearance of PlayOnLinux in a paper press magazine (at least, the first we know). We sincerely thank the Planète Linux's redaction (particularly Arnaud Faque and David Sagnol, authors of the article) and its editor, DP Presse.

In addition, for our visitors, here is the article (click to have a suitable resolution):

DP Presse's website :

Feel free to tell us if you know others magazines that speak about us.

by Asimov