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PlayOnLinux Script Creator - 0.1 Beta version

Sunday 6 April 2008 at 23:41

Hello everybody,

I'm very happy, after a month (more or less intense) of work, to present you the official editor for PlayOnLinux's scripts. This piece of software aims to assist you during script creation, by adding functions very simply, without having bash knowledges.

For example, if you want to verify the presence of a CD-ROM, click on Functions > Check the CD-ROM. An assistant will ask you the mount point and the path to the launcher to verify ; the interface will add the corresponding bash command, ready to use, in your script. Simple, isn't it?

This is a beta version, thus a lot of functions are lacking and some bugs remain. Before burning me as if I was a witch, please know that my English probably contains mistakes, you can report them, I will correct them very quickly.

The next versions of POLSC will be released soon, for the first bugs etc...

I planned to add numerous other features, such as tabs, a syntax coloration, an help, a rebuilt interface and windows ...

To resume, this version is here essentially to present the concept. Here are some of its current features:

- Traditional features of a notepad (open, save ....)
- The "new" command adds a default script model
- You can run your current script from the POLSC's interface, like the PlayOnLinux's function named "Run a non-official script".
- 12 functions of PlayOnLinux ready to use.

You can use it but remember that all the other commands and the help texts will be corrected and completed as soon as the the documentation will be released.

Here is the link to download this version (.tar.bz2 archive and libraries provided) : Here

To start POLSC, nothing easier, just extract the archive, then click on the "playonlinux-script-creator" launcher.

I also would like to thank my daddy and my mommy X@viou from the website, for his help on wxWidgets and Tinou the big boss, for making the icon, preparing with me the publication of this version and sustaining me when I was experiencing difficulties (being not a god in programming, I experienced a lot!).

Good scripting, and see you soon for a new version!

By Zoloom