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Message to the scripters and future scripters: Seeking icons for the games

Sunday 4 May 2008 at 14:55

Hello everybody,

Since last versions, we included in "Install" a scripted games' list with icons.

But since we don't own every game, we need you, our POLian friends, to extract the games' icons in order to complete the list and make PlayOnLinux more convivial.

If you want to help us, get icons from the CDs only (you can extract them from the .exe files). Once it's done, follow these instructions (which will save a lot of our time) :

- Seize 22x22 (reduce the icon if necessary)
- The format doesn't matter
- The icon's name must be exactly the same as the script's (example: Age Of Empires 2 : The Age of kings)


Once done, host them as you can and send us the link (to Tinou or Zoloom) .

Thank you to send icons of yet scripted games only

Thanks all for your help!

PS: We are also seeking screenshots of your favorite games (yet scripted of course) of seize 200x150, as well as a small description of the game (in English).

Thanks once again,

Have a good day with PlayOnLinux

By Zoloom