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PlayOnLinux 2.7.2 is here

Monday 12 May 2008 at 21:32

PlayOnLinux 2.7.2 is available today.

Here are the new features:

A new function: message_one

The command:
message_one "Your message" "Your title" A_Unique_ID"

And you get:

If the user tick the box, PlayOnLinux will remember "A_Unique_ID" and won't display any message for this ID
So I used it for the 3D acceleration

Improved IRC

- A little message indicating the allowed languages on the channel.
- More commands are supported
- nick-pol replace nick-playonlinux as default nickname.

Wine version manager fixed

- It supports now versions >= 0.9.60. Indeed, since this version, the packages' algorithm has changed to lzma.
So PlayOnLinux now needs one more dependency: lzma which allows to extract the last .deb packages (because the Wine version manager uses the Ubuntu's packages)

The manque function

(means lack in French, the function will be translated later) It is designed to be used after check_depend. It displays the error message if check_depend didn't succeed.
check_depend "dosbox" "dosbox"
check_depend "playonlinux" "playonlinux"

Tools menu improved

To prevent non-wine launchers (dosbox, cedega) from accessng to the wine functions

A new plugin: TransgamingCedega

This plugin allows to import your cedega launchers in PlayOnLinux and to use the cedega engines. Cedega's scripts aren't yet supported.

By Tinou