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Script Creator 0.3 available

Sunday 18 May 2008 at 13:19

Hello everybody,

After many adventures (exams ) I have just re-write a big part of the POLSC's code in order to compile it correctly in Unicode.

What is the use of it? A POLSC respectful of the Unicode doesn't need anymore external libraries to work. Only the wxWidgets' official package (yet installed as a dependency of POL) is necessary. So the piece of software is now lighter and faster (the .pol package only weight about 150 ko).

Some functions have been re-coded for a better respect of the encodings.

Except the implementation of 3 new POL functions, sadly there isn't a lot of news in this version.

But now I will have more time to code. By the way, I start today to rebuild and complete the assistant in order to finally be able to make a script without typing anything.

The plugin is available in the download section.

See you soon for a new version.

By Zoloom