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PlayOnLinux Script Creator - Version 0.4

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 20:27

Hello everybody,

First of all, I want to apologize for this version's delay (note from the translator: I want to apologize too for the translation's delay). Indeed, a version was planned sooner but I did prefer to do everything in the same time in order to propose a satisfying version before the 1.0 version (which shouldn't be released before several months because of the holidays and the improvement's difficulty).

So to being forgiven, I propose you a version of POLSC which is, in my opinion, practical and has powerful features.

This 0.4 version brings numerous new things:

- A script creation assistant able to create every script type very easily (Script that need a download or a CD-ROM for example). It is more beautiful, practical and has an help for each thing asked to the user.

Obviously, it's fully compatible with the version 3 of PlayOnLinux. The others functions in the 'Functions' menu will be updated in the v1, all the windows will be re-designed.

- After many requests, you can now go to the next text field (only in the assistant) by pressing two times the TAB button. In order to save some time.

- The Cancel/Do Again functions work at last. Please note also a more practical text field.

- The whole functions use, as the help, MulX's documentation. By the way, I thank him for his work.

- Commands are now added at the current place of the cursor.

- The "Quit without save?" window is now set to appear only when required.

- An update assistant was added. It notifies you if a new version of POLSC is available. For the next version It will propose you to download and install the new version automatically.

- For lack of a tabs system, I added a button to remove the current script's content.

- Enlarged main windows which was to small according to some users.

The fixed bugs are:

- The bug with "Save As" which was creating an empty file.

- Some orthographic mistakes.

- Memory leaks.

That's its for this version. I want to release a 0.5 version, just before the v1 development's beginning. It will only add minor features and fix 0.4 version's bugs.

Since this version had required to re-write many lines of code, I invite you to report potential bugs to fix in the 0.5 version.

I want to thank MulX for providing a more explicit documentation than mine, Tinou for his numerous ideas, critiques, beta-tests and uploading, and also the whole staff for supporting me and making me happy when I wasn't.

See you soon for the 0.5,

Good evening on PlayOnLinux.

By Zoloom