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Wine version 1.0 - the so dreamed stable version is here

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 21:34

Hello everybody,

We couldn't carry on regardless of a such event: after 15 ans of a fastidious development, Wine's 1.0 version (stable), preceded by 5 Release Candidates, is available.

Announced as mature, this version did yet shown that it was able to run almost every Windows application.

This version only brings bug fixes to correct the large number of malfunctionings of the older versions.

Here are the main fixed bugs, from the changelogs on the official website:

Version 1.0 rc1
Version 1.0 rc2
Version 1.0 rc3
Version 1.0 rc4
Version 1.0 rc5

Thus, many applications and games did benefit from tweaks.

We congratulate the Wine project and all its contributors who did manage to bring an efficient solution to run our favorite games under Linux. We thank them for their exemplary work.

Good evening on PlayOnLinux.

By Zoloom