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What the hell, did we forgot it?

Sunday 29 June 2008 at 23:05

Hello everybody,

I'm ashamed ... very ashamed .... and I'm maybe not the only one ... because we forgot to signal something important!

This is the birthday of someone important on the website ... yes! Tinou!

Despite our late (for me, it was done the 26th, so 3 days of late!) or the probable ignorance of his birthday's date for someones, we wish him an happy birthday to the big shot big boss Tinou who celebrate his 17 years. Here is a beautiful cake to be forgiven.

By the way, we thank him for his exceptional work, he spend a lot of time for this noble cause, and working with him is an honor and a pride.

Happy birthday to him!

Zoloom runs to hide in order to avoid the divine wraith ... but this news will be removed tomorrow at midnight.

By Zoloom