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PlayOnMac Final version !

Friday 10 April 2009 at 14:07

I am happy to announce the release of PlayOnMac's final version (1.0)

First, a quick presentation of PlayOnMac

PlayOnMac ?

PlayOnMac is a version of PlayOnLinux adapted for MacOS X
PlayOnMac allows to install applications made for Windows on a wac intel

What does PlayOnMac look like ?

Here are a few screenshots of the software
[box title=PlayOnMac_Main_windows][/box][box title=PlayOnMac_Application_List][/box][box title=PlayOnMac][/box]

What Can I install with PlayOnMac

For now, you will be able to install a few applications in a few clics; applications such as Microsoft Office 2003 or Microsoft Internet Explorer
[box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box][box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box][box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box][box title=Excel_2003_running_on_mac][/box]

What do I need to use PlayOnMac ?

PlayOnMac has only been tested on Leopard for the moment. If you have an earlier version of OSX you will have to install X11
It is quite necessary to own a Mac Intel to be able to use PlayOnMac

How much does is cost ?

PlayOnMac is a free open source software.

Where can I find PlayOnMac ?

PlayOnMac is available on PlayOnLinux's download pagel

What more is there in this version compared with the beta 1 ?

- Great effort has been made in the integration of PlayOnMac in Max OS (there is only on python icon per window in the dock now).
- The WineVersion manager has been recoded for mac although as for now no other version that the basic one is available (patience, it will come)
- A lot of bugs have been corrected.
- For those who know how PlayOnLinux works, it is no longer bash that launches python but the other way round.
- PlayOnMac updates its repositories on its own when necessary (just like PlayOnLinux 3.4)

I think all has been said :)

By Tinou