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PlayOnLinux 3.8.5: Critical Update!

Thursday 28 October 2010 at 21:40

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PlayOnLinux 3.8.5 is available!

You could say skipping a version is becoming a habit... unfortunately the reason behind this is rather sad than funny.

Following the accidental introduction of bug #58 (fr) in version 3.8.3, version 3.8.4's release made it impossible to launch PoL 3.8.3.
As a result, within a few hours we made the new 3.8.5 to fix the issue that is now present in both 3.8.3 and 3.8.4.
This means that if you were using versions 3.8.3 or 3.8.4, you must now update to version 3.8.5 immediately, otherwise you will not be able to use PlayOnLinux.

Besides fixing this (major) bug, we made another change, to a function used by scripts to create shortcuts. Its arguments had been inverted compared to PlayOnMac, which made compatibility between PlayOnMac and PlayOnLinux rather difficult.

Download it here as soon as you can!

By MulX