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Feature #5004 on PlayOnLinux

Build CSMT for every new WIne version by default?

Added by Ronin DUSETTE on 2015-02-28 21:16:45 - Comment or update this ticket

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2015-06-14 05:54:13
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So, I was talking in the Phoronix forums, and a user brought up the CSMT patch. I was thinking, since so many people want to use it, and so many want different Wine builds, and also because this will probably be the most demanded patch, maybe we should start building either a CSMT version or a wine-staging version with every new release? 

I think that they wine-staging patch set could be applied in addition to the normal builds with each version of Wine, that way users would have access to POL builds AND wine-staging builds automatically with every release. Any thoughts?


Update by Quentin PÂRIS on 2015-03-01 00:54:34

What about threating CSMT as it was an architecture?

Update by Ronin DUSETTE on 2015-03-01 01:01:41

That is what I mean.  CSMT and wine-staging.  Though I think wine-staging already has CSMT. So maybe just wine-staging as an architecture? If that is actually the case. 

Update by Ronin DUSETTE on 2015-03-01 02:35:22

Yeah. I confirmed this. We should just add wine-staging patches as an architecture because it already has CSMT and a bunch of other good stuff.

I believe we only need a 32-bit build of wine-staging for now. That would be awesome for us to have. Should we also build some older versions too? Or just start with the most recent Wine version (1.7.37), and keep building them as an arch from then on?

Update by Quentin PÂRIS on 2015-03-01 12:19:51

Well, yes but we would need to wait for 4.2.7.

I'm wondering is there is a better alternative

Update by Ronin DUSETTE on 2015-03-01 15:58:04

What about just adding an entry like we do for any other winebuild request for the time being?

Update by Ronin DUSETTE on 2015-03-03 02:31:23

  • Statut changed to Confirmed

So, what we can do, is that every time a new Wine version comes out, we apply the patches for wine-staging to it and release that at the same time. 

What I will do for now is submit a build request for whatever the current version is, and let's build a "wine-staging" as a test run, and we can just build them as new versions come out (AFAIK, it only applies to the newest, bi-weekly releases anyway).

Update by Ronin DUSETTE on 2015-03-09 23:50:44

Update by petch on 2015-06-14 03:07:15

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With the build of "staging" patched version, can this be closed?

Update by Ronin DUSETTE on 2015-06-14 05:54:13

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