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Bug #5562 on PlayOnLinux

Fedora 26 : Wine cannot find the FreeType font library. (ABI issue??)

Added by toxicshadow on 2017-08-06 17:00:59 - Comment or update this ticket

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2017-11-29 15:41:03
Description, steps to reproduce:

I think the ABI has chanegd for the FreeType font library.

Fedora 26 now uses "freetype-2.7.1-9". I have confimed that both the i686 and x86_64 versions are installed.

If you start a new wineprefix, install steam and set playonlinux to use the "system" version of wine everything works as expected. If you do the same thing but instead, use playonlinux to install a local version of wine (2.13 [64bit] for example) none of the fonts will show anymore and it will be unable to find the freetype fonts with the following error:

Wine cannot find the FreeType font library.  To enable Wine to
use TrueType fonts please install a version of FreeType greater than
or equal to 2.0.5.

I have confirmed that this can be reporduced in a virtual machine.

Fedora 26 (64bit)

i7 6700k @ 4.5GHz

16GB ram

GTX1070 (Prop Driver)


Note: I have used playonlinux across many different versions of Fedora and this is the first time I have had an issue so I am pretty confident this is something to do with the latest Freetype fonts.


Update by sheepex on 2017-08-24 20:42:12

a solution:

in terminal run: rm ~/.PlayOnLinux/wine/linux*/*/lib*/libz*

Update by basildazz on 2017-08-26 19:59:18

I have the issue presently upgrading from kubuntu 17.04 to the 17.10-devel, seems to be related in some regard to zlib.

I understand this is Alpha-Kubuntu so bugs are to be expected, however if I should use the solution below I will be unable to comment on the bugs progress.

Update by basildazz on 2017-08-26 20:02:11

In additon wine-config seems to bring up a tiny little window from which you are unable to interact or resize.

Update by basildazz on 2017-08-26 20:10:18

Please remove my tiny window/resize comment, this is not related to zlib/freetype.

Update by Fincer on 2017-09-14 00:47:11

This bug report got my attention so I did limited testing.
The testing suggests that this issue affects only precompiled 64-bit Wine PlayOnLinux packages.

A short report:

OS: Arch Linux, 64-bit (amd64)

freetype2 2.8
lib32-freetype2 2.8

PoL 64-bit Wine versions:

Wine 2.16 = issue reproducible
Wine 2.13 = issue reproducible

PoL 32-bit Wine versions:

Wine 2.16 = issue not reproducible
Wine 2.13 = issue not reproducible

PlayOnLinux zlibs are broken again, 64-bit Wine at this time. I used the old "remove POL zlib library files" trick and everything started working.

P.S. Would be nice if anyone can confirm only 64-bit is affected?

Old bug issue here:

Update by hitler on 2017-10-27 07:40:02

This issue happens to me on both 32 and 64 bit versions of wine. Running Arch Linux. I've tried with 2.4-staging 32 and 64 bit.

Update by vasco on 2017-11-29 15:41:03

Ubuntu 17.10 64bit is also affected.