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Feature #5633 on PlayOnLinux

Create shortcut - Complete OS integration -Better User Experience

Added by victorjfer on 2017-12-26 18:23:52 - Comment or update this ticket

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2017-12-26 18:23:52
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PlayOnLinux makes an amazing job helping to install a software. However, when it comes to lunch the application there one thing that if improved it would improve a lot the final user experience, the shortcut.

Currently, the shortcut creates a shortcut on the Desktop. Nevertheless, this is not the best experience in many Linux distributions:

-Most distributions don't encourage the users to have lunch icons there.

-Instead, they use some kind lunchers were PlayOnLinux applications cannot be found by default. Ubuntu Unity has the Dash and other distributions like Gnome 3 or elementary have a similar feature.

-Finally, the current shortcut doesn't allow to find applications like Microsoft Word in tools like Nautilus in the function “Open with other application” tab which would allow to easily use Windows applications as native ones.

All of this can be solved in many Linux OS by making a copy of the same shortcut that playonlinux creates in


I know that the issue is surely not that simple globally. However, if this situation could change the user experience of the program would increase a lot.

Thank you for your time and work and happy holidays :)