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Bug #5655 on PlayOnLinux

playonlinux fails to open wine configuration window

Added by arrow on 2018-02-16 11:57:36 - Comment or update this ticket

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2018-02-16 11:57:36
Description, steps to reproduce:

I wanted to run old version of wine 1.6.2 and 1.8 32-bit versions on playonlinux 4.2.12. The same with wine 1.6.2 64-bit. It creates virtual wine disk with 1.6.2 version but when I want to configure wine the configuration window (winecfg.exe) doesn't open in full view but is very small and there is no way to resize it. Please, see attached screenshot. I tried on Kubuntu 18.04 64-bit and then I installed xfce4 and the problem is the same. So I think it is not caused by a window manager.

It tried it many times also reinstalled playonlinux but the problem is still present. I don't know if it is important but I have installed mono-complete, lib32ncurses5, lib32z1.

When I go to the location of this playonlinux virtual drive with 1.6.2 32-bit :


and click on winecfg.exe it starts to create a new home/.wine and opens it as version 3.0. 

I also reported on Ubuntu bugs