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Bug #5679 on Website

Wiki page redirecting me to Home page

Added by ChanEnChun on 2018-03-27 05:43:55 - Comment or update this ticket

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2018-03-27 05:43:55
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Hi guys,

It's been about a week and not seeing anymore responses in the Star Trek Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic forums, I'm assuming everyone's busy fixing issues or something else. Just want to point out the Wiki page on the website is still redirecting me to the Home page. Not sure if anyone else is a bit bothered that they can't continue to work towards a solution for any issues regarding supported software, but I am bit after waiting for about a week or so. Anyway, if the website could be fixed, or someone could assist with any supported software errors in the forum would be great, but yes, the Wiki page still doesn't seem to be working properly.