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My name is Apocalypse_555, I'm born in 1989 and I will begin studying computer science at EPITECH in Paris (if I have my BAC Ssi ^^). I'm gone on Linux since June 2007 (approximately) and I intend to remain there throughout the rest of my life because my 10 Windows's years that allowed me only to play and not to exploit the full potential of a computer .. . I started on a Mandriva then I moved to a Kubuntu !

My player habits drive me to seek ways to play on my new OS, and that is how that I have found the PlayOnLinux's project that I completely support (obviously) ... I have contributed over 1 year on the forum to help those that I could ^^ but more I remained under Linux more the desire to help others me "eating" (that it is contagious: p) ! So it is only now that I posted my candidacy to become Moderator and so "officially" to help poliens .

My studies will me heading to the programming and so I know (personal knowledge) a little of C/C++ and hence the bash because recently I met also to make scripts for POL ...

I am sympathetic nature and practical joker but I have a few flaws as:

_ Forgiveness (yes I forgive easily ^^)
_ Patience (suddenly I'm quickly burned and to calm me you need to a bucket of cold water XD)
_ Etc ...

Finally ... (my life it will be crazy huh ? .... )

My role in the team is to moderate (...no ? without laugh ? Are-you found it on your own ? ) and thus more accurately to monitor the understanding, spelling, sensitives topics ... on the forum ...

[u]PS :[/ u] Special thanks especially to the POL team to have accepting my candidacy ;)

[u]PS 2 :[/ u] Thanks to Google for the help to the traduction