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Ronin DUSETTE Monday 18 March 2013 at 23:13



I will be updating this soon with new screenshots. 



So, you have a script that you want to submit to PlayOnLinux? Sweeeeet. :)

There are a few things that should be followed, as far as our standards for icons, resources for install scripts, posting here for help or submitting to us for publication, and info that make this process more standardized. 

[b]Content of your posts in this forum[/b]

Please use the following tips to help make the posts here more standardized: 
-Make the title of your post something like:

[Script] [i]name of script[/i]


-Post the following information in your post in this order:

-Description of the program (just a basic rundown of what it does)

-Anything you had to do or install OUTSIDE of Wine or PlayOnLinux to make it work

-Any extra notes about installation, or errors that it throws (if any)


-When you post the script, use the following codes before first line of the script and after the last line (dont do this with Chrome on Linux. It causes issues. Use Firefox to create your post):

[i]Paste this before the first line of your script in the post with brackets on either side:[/i]

code language=playonlinux


[i]Paste this after the last line of your script in the post with brackets on either side:[/i]



NOTE: A bracket is either   "["   or   "]"   Without quotes. It should have that code in between the brackets, enclosing the code within. 
Screenshot Requirements   When submitting a screenshot, post them in your Original post here, reply to your own post with either the link to your screenshots, or just paste the screenshots into the post (we can download).   Also, do NOT submit screenshots with your background or desktop. Full screen, program only screenshots, unless you are posting the screenshots for troubleshooting of a related issue. What this means:

-Make sure that you are only taking a screenshot of the program related to this script -Window decorations are OK, as long as the program is the main feature of the picture -No lewd, pornographic, or otherwise controversial screenshots of ANYTHING (this will result in negative action without question) -Be sure to take screenshots of the game ACTUALLY running; no install shots. -Though 1 screenshot works, we prefer 2. 3 is what we really like to see -Legible, fairly hi-def shots; no fuzzy text, not stretched/smashed, not distorted   Icons and Install Resources   So, there are 4 different icons and pictures that are desired for the script. They are listed as follows with their EXACT dimensions and file type requirements:   NOTE: DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THE FILE EXTENSION TO THE NAMES   -The icon that will be used for the installed program: Name: [i]nameofprogram[/i]-48x48
File Type: PNG, JPEG
Size: 48x48
-The icon that will be used in the PlayOnLinux script list and the site
Name: [i]nameofprogram[/i]-22x22
File Type: PNG, JPEG
Size: 22x22
-Sideways banner that is on the left side of the first window when script is ran:
Name: left.jpg (or left.png)
FIle Type: PNG, JPEG
Size: 150x356 (W x H)
-Top corner Icon for install script
Name: top.jpg (or top.png)
File Type: PNG, JPEG
Size: 64x64 (W x H)
What to do after you have posted here, and there are no issues
[i]NOTE: Do NOT do this in Chrome browser. Firefox is the most compatible. It is a known issue: Chrome, so far (2013) is the only browser that messes up the formatting of posts (at least that I have seen).[/i]

After you have had your script on the forum, and its been verified to work, and the script is effective, clean, and portable, then submit in the following fashion. Failure to post in the forums first can lead to delays in getting the script signed, and subsequently published:
-Go to
-Click "Supported Software" at the left-side of the screen, below the login menu.
-Click "New Installer" at the top of the screen.
-Enter the name of the program or game you are submitting a script for.
-Fill out the form, and submit/save the script using the button on the bottom of the page.
-When saved, go back to "Supported Software", if you are not already there.
-Click "My unsigned installers".
-Click your script.
-Click "Request Signature".
-Read the next page, and if you are ready to submit, click "Yes".
And thats it!
Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope this helps clear up some things about submitting scripts and getting them published.

Happy developing. :)

-DJYoshaBYD, 2013.

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Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
No private messages for general help, use the forums
Read the wiki, Report broken scripts

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