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Ronin DUSETTE Friday 29 March 2013 at 17:39

So, as of late, the bug reporting system has been plagued with erroneous bugs, most of which are simple questions that can be answered in the forum. This use of the bug system clutters it with invalid tickets, that the team has to weed through to find valid bugs in the system or in scripts. 

In order to remedy this, I am suggesting that all questions be posted here, in the forums first, [b]before[/b] posting a bug report. 

For a general idea of how to post in the forums, refer to this link:


If and when a bug report is actually needed, please follow these guidelines:

[b]-Do NOT mark the bug as HIGH priority, if its something like a small bug in a game. This is not high priority. An example of high priority would be a script or feature that flat out does not work, crashes your system, causes major errors and freezes, etc.. Leave the priority at MEDIUM, unless it fits this criteria or you are told to by an admin or developer. 

-Be VERY descriptive when reporting bugs. Make sure to include your system specs, arch, version of POL, version of WINE used, program or feature you are having problems with, which video drivers you are using, and the debug output (or terminal output) with errors, as well as anything you have tried.

-When Answering the questions to file a bug report, BE SERIOUS AND THOROUGH. Dont just say "it dont work" or "It crashed". 
For example:

- What were you doing when the problem occurred?trying to run the launcher- What did you expect?login window pop up- What happened instead?Error:Unable to connect to Login SystemError Code:8001:0001Error Description:Connection Error Troubleshooting:Are you connected to the internet?Go here for help: Support Link- Anything else to report?


^^This is a good answer. 

-Screenshots can help, but are not required. If you feel they are needed to clarify an issue, please post them. 

This is simply to make things easier for us to troubleshoot, and easier for us to start going through older tickets, without invalid tickets being posted. 

Thanks to everyone that is here! You gents/ladies help make this project possible with your contributions and support. Lets just keep it nice and organized, so that future users can search for issues and find concise information, as well as our bug system staying nice and clean and user-friendly. 

Thanks, all! :)

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Post debug logs & full computer specs in first post
No private messages for general help, use the forums
Read the wiki, Report broken scripts

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