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Vice City and me

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HolyAnole Friday 28 November 2014 at 21:14

 I just wanted to share a quick experience I had installing GTA Vice City so that maybe someone can find this information useful. I just started using Linux in May when upgrading my PC and decided to use my old computer as a HTPC/old games rig. I had unsuccessfully tried to install Vice City. I was rather confused why I would have to use a 'no cd' installation when I had a legit copy of the game, but figured it was a technical issue beyond my current level of knowledge.

 I gave up for a while and tried again recently. In the process of trying to figure out how to get the game to recognize th CD, I came across the virtual drive folder GTAVC/dosdevices and the link to the cd drive was broken. The link had  something like GTA_Vice_City when the play disc for the game is Vice_City_Play. So being a Linux noob, I searched a bit and came across a simple terminal command to make a soft link to the appropriate location.

ln -s /media/_your_user_name_/Vice_City_Play /home/_your_user_name_/Games/e:

Of course if your file system is set up differently then you will need to fill it in appropriately. For whatever reason it would not let me do it directly to the virtual drive. I'm not sure if it was the ' in the folder name or an error on my end. I simply copied the new link I created in my /games folder over to the /dosdevices folder to replace the incorrect link and Vice City now works.

I am using Linux Mint 17 on a Core2Duo G41 motherboard using built in graphics and other than a bit of choppiness in most cutscenes, the game appears to be running flawlessly. I attribute the choppiness to the weak graphics processor.

I hope this can help a few people with issues getting games to work, I don't know if it a revision issue where Rockstar changed the name of the CD or simply the way the virtual drive set up, but I have had great luck fixing problems with easy terminal commands after a bit of online searching. I now have 2 great old games (bough Vice City and Torchlight for $6 each) playing on linux and really appreciate all of the work people do to make these operating systems and programs avalable to people.

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