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In-game comercial marquees nor working

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gmureddu Tuesday 23 June 2015 at 4:31

Has anyone noticed that the in-game comercial maruqees around Anachronox, first noticeable in the Bricks area of the game, especially when in transit from the tenements area to the spiral fountain and when you have to follow the guy so you can finally speak to yet another guy to find out where to meet Eddie, there are a series o marquees that seem to be small animated polygons rendered in-game, that I remember from my very first play through of the game, way back in 2002. However, (and I'm not sure this is related to Linux in particular, or mainly probably my driver [nVidia blobl] and probably GL extensions presented to the application) ever since I have achieved to re-install and run it successfully under Linux (last playthrough was about 5 to 6 years ago, so things HAVE changed quite a bit on Linux-land), I did notice that these marquees were missing their animation.

Like I said, maybe it is related to how the nvidia GL driver presents the available GL extensions to the game engine (like it is the case for the kosher Quake3 engine [NOT the upgraded ioquake3 one], requiring a specific set of extensions be presented to the game in order to be able to run it), but in this case, the game DOES run, only these are "missing" and I was wondering if they were in general (as in other videocard vendors, say AMD's Catalyst/r600g, intel, etc) or are local to the blobs (Catalyst/nVidia blob).

Has anyone have success by restricting only to GL 1.x extensions?


booman Wednesday 24 June 2015 at 1:35

I was able to run it perfectly in PlayOnLinux, Wine 1.6.2

Here is a video of me playing it... do you notice your problem in the marquees?

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