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Remap command control option keys

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crystalbrittle Thursday 6 April 2017 at 23:15

Hey Playonmac!

I was wondering if you have any info on how to go about remapping my keys so that my "command" key functions as the Windows "control" key, and my "option" key functions as the Windows "alt" key (by default I think the Mac command key is acting as the Windows alt key).

I am trying to run a bunch of my old Windows productivity apps, but this "Copy/Paste" diffence (among others) is messing me up to the point of almost being unusable - it slows me down so much, I'm such a meta-key user!

I have tried using a .Xmodmap file in my home directory, but it doesn't seem that this is used outside of XQuartz (X11).

I also tried running the Windows app "Remapkey.exe" in the same prefix. It writes to the registry correctly, but my Windows apps seem to ignore it. :-(

Much thanks for any help on this and thanks for such a great product (I'm a Playonlinux user too) !

- Mark


crystalbrittle Friday 28 April 2017 at 0:29

If anyone else has tried to solve this, I'd love to hear what you tried, even if you haven't solved it.