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Subnautica - Keyboard Not Working

Keyboard suddenly doesn't work?

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cyanidearsenic Thursday 11 January 2018 at 0:02
cyanidearsenic Anonymous

So, I believe Subnautica is not a supported program but recently its actually been working relatively perfectly. If I alt-tab a few too many times it messes up but thats easily avoided by just not alt-tabbing while in game.

As of yesterday, however, keyboard input has stopped working. The mouse is present and functioning and my keyboard works outside of the game with no issues but in game, nothing. I can't even exit the game properly once in a save because I can't open the exit menu. (I also tried a new game just in case my old save was messed up somehow.)

I'm running it through Steam in a 2.3-staging drive with steam overlay and such turned off, if that makes any difference (don't see why it would though, the game worked fine the day before yesterday and I've not changed anything).


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cyanidearsenic Friday 12 January 2018 at 2:20
cyanidearsenic Anonymous

To further clarify, I've actually just realised that its all of Steam that is not recognizing my keyboard input. A cursory search for that issue said to go into the wine's graphics options and uncheck the box allowing window manager control and that's solved the issue. No idea still why it suddenly became a problem though.

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