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How To Play Crossout On Linux

Linux Mint In Particular

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Nitroster Monday 26 November 2018 at 2:38

Many others have wanted to play Crossout on linux, as the company itself has not provided support.

The game is often used through Steam but it does not have to. I would particularly love if it worked through Steam!

However, if not, I'll find a way to bind my account toward the Steam account on Crossout.

After doing extensive research, I would love to get started with Playonlinux for this game!

An old forum was made here, of which I tried following similar steps to the one's provided by "Booman":

Sadly, it did not work. And since then, Anti-Cheat systems have been implemented, making it potentially harder to launch this game. As many have previously stated, the launcher works but when you click "play", nothing happens and eventually windows pop up saying "Fatal Error" etc. If logs are needed, we can try to work that out. If more computer information is needed, I can also try to send that over as well. Thank you!

booman Thursday 6 December 2018 at 0:47

Ugh, Anti-Cheat will break Wine every time.

Have you tried Crossout with "staging" versions of Wine?

Also there is a new update for PlayOnLinux... version 4.3.3, make sure to update to this version.  Then you can get new "staging" versions of Wine.

If Crossout is a Steam game, you should look into SteamPlay.  This is Valves attempt to use Wine (known as Proton) in Steam so we can play Windows games.

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