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Controls settings - alternative right-click

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bookslinki Friday 5 April 2019 at 10:10

Hi all,

I'm trying to play a few favorite, older Windows games that, I'm stoked to find, run wonderfully on PlayOnMac except that they still expect me to have a right mouse button and don't recognize Ctrl+click as the standard substitute because, well, they think they're still on Windows :)

I could name games, but this is a fairly general problem that I've found crops up often when you try to run Windows games on a Mac and manage to get them otherwise working, especially older games that don't anticipate the need to be able to set up alternate controls besides the default. I was astonished there wasn't already a general-purpose thread or five on this topic.

There's got to be some other way around it, if the game itself can't change its own controls-- maybe at the 'system level' of the emulator window itself-- to make the contents of a PlayOnMac window (e.g. my game) register some other input as that right-click I need!

Please, will someone speak to this who knows more about PlayOnMac and its settings options?