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Installing TIDAL Desktop player via POL

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JanVladimirMostert Saturday 21 September 2019 at 18:30

Hi there, i'm trying to install TIDAL via POL and hit a roadblock

Let me start from the beginning:

1. On the POL home screen, i clicked configure

2: Created a new 64 bit virtual drive

3: After that was finished, i downloaded "ndp48-x86-x64-allos-enu.exe" which is the offline installer for .NET 4.8

4: Inside POL configuration, i selected TIDAL, clicked Miscellaneos, run a .exe in this virtual drive and installed the .NET 4.8 runtime (this worked fine)

5: Downloaded TIDAL Desktop, "TIDALSetup.exe"

6: Repeated the above, run a .exe in this virtual drive and selected the TIDAL setup file.


Got an error: Installation has failed, Please re-run this installer as a normal user instead of "Run as Administrator"

Is there a way to fool the installer into thinking it's running as a normal user?

Running the TIDAL setup without first installing the .NET runtime just freezes, so it seems like i'm making progress getting TIDAL running

JanVladimirMostert Saturday 21 September 2019 at 18:39

Only saw the "Please read before posting" topic now and can't delete this topic, please move this to Manual Installations