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How to customize PlayOnMac?

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particlefeever Sunday 25 April 2021 at 16:27

I give up of Windows and will work with VirtualBox to run some applications and Wine for games. Actually, I'm probably coming back to consoles due to this previous truicky game of making the game to run.

In Wine HQ pages I could not find how to install in my macOS Big Sur, they pointed me CrossOver that works good but will be expansive for me since I'm working with Linux too - they didn't agree allowing both installations for one license, as most of publishers are doing now.

So PlayOnMac is a nice solution, free and works good in my tests. However, as we can see in this forum, anything out of the basic plan won't work. I need to run my games ouside home, as most of gamers I know do - many use external drives. Now the problems begun, I could not find how to customize this and the basic truick of an alias to remote folder does not work. PlayOnMac insist in using local default paths or it won't work at all.

Also, when the game is not supported or got just something to fix as some direcx or .NET it won't work either and there is no solution. It tries to donwload files that are not available and crashes. These are not deep difficult problems, just broken links and some needed update in Windows resources. If we could manage those parameters, we still could make it work. Most of us don't have time to go command line to fix Wine problems manually, we need PlayOnMac (or we can but I didn't find how).

Finally, this forum got a basic bug since I got here, it shows 1 answer to all posts insead of zero... Kinda care for details neede in this kind of software, right?