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Freesync/VRR AMD Linux questio

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boyl99 Wednesday 24 May 2023 at 1:23

Hi. I was wondering if Freesync/VRR works on Linux using AMD RX 580 using only HDMI?

I use this pc as living room media player- light gaming machine. Currently use GTX 980. I use Nobara distro, Nvidia works alright, no problems what so ever, but everyone here is saying that AMD cards works the best in Linux . So I am thinking to swap my Nvidia card for AMD RX 580. And what I want most is freesync/vrr, because how smooth it displays games. Does it work? Should I swap my card or is it pointless? I have read so many posts that where people claim it (vrr/ freesync) works, others says it doesn’t. I am so lost right now.

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