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Continue Posting PlayOnLinux Guides?

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swosin Tuesday 11 June 2024 at 10:26

Should I keep testing games in POL and posting guides even though Proton and Lutris are handling most Windows games?

I have spent the last 7 years testing my library of Windows games in PlayOnLinux/Wine an posting step-by-step guides every week. This is my side hobby and I really love learning which games run and how to run them. Not to mention discover new indie games that may never get a Linux port.

Since Valve has pushed their fork of Wine (Proton) with a lot of success and Lutris is handling scripted installers and GOG gaming... where does that put PlayOnLinux?

There is still a large community for PlayOnLinux and it still receives updated versions of Wine and updates to Components (Packages, DLLs). I only test with Manual installations and have found that 95% of my games run GREAT with Wine and DXVK. As my untested list of games dwindles, I have focused on games, student projects, demos and betas.

I feel PlayOnLinux has succeeded in the test-of-time, but not with ease-of-use like Steam or Lutris.

Do you think there is still a need for gaming with a Wine frontend like PlayOnLinux and how-to-guides?