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norex Tuesday 21 October 2008 at 12:02

Hello, first i want to say a big thx for ur help in linux gaming worl

I have a single problem with this game, to work perfect, so that why i ask for ur help

I instaled the game with wine 1.1.6 in mandriva 2009 with KDE4 after i used this tutorial about Active Movie in wine, and directx
After this install all problems that user cmplain about this game has gone, sound (music voice and fx) work , videos from main misions work, visual quality is verry good and there is no performace lose vs windows. trading doked on station work too, i didnt found any problem but mouse.

Mouse in menu work normal with a smal lag like in windows but when right click to togle to ship control is verry slow and jerky

My hardware is Amd x2 4000+, 3gb ram, 8600gt video

The only posible solution in found on web is about Vsync. I do use on in my nvidia panel but no change. maybe i have to enable somewhere else too. i don know where and i dont know if this is a solution. Ill try more tests soon. Any ideea is wellcome.
I did try with PlayOnLinux 3.1.2, with same results

Thx for ur help
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