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cod 4 is partially working

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madpato Friday 12 June 2009 at 2:57


well i'm new in playonlinux and i find it just great, but i have a problem...

I've installed COD4 with 1.7 patch and the game starts with no problems but when i start a new game i see a black screen (after loading scenes) but i can see the name of the guy in front of me and other stuff.

Here is an SS

Can anyone give any help?


btw i'm running POL in an opensuse 11.1 64 bits, with a nvidia 9600gt video card 4 gb ram and an amd x2 5600+

EDIT: resized the screenshot because it was putting out of shape the forum

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NSLW Friday 12 June 2009 at 7:42

Hi madpato,

after each point check if it works.

1) try the lowest settings
2) set Wine version to 1.1.21 because this was the version i tested and here(2b) is how to make it
3) disable compositing manager
4) update graphic drivers