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One or two questions

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scbs29 Saturday 12 June 2010 at 0:04

Hello All.
I am thinking about using PlayOnLiux on my PCLinuxOS 2010 Gnome installation, but have one or two questions before I do.

When installing through PlayOnLinux, am I correct in thinking that whatever is installed, game or whatever, is installed into the .wine directory, as when installing using Wine itself ? Or does it tend to scatter things about like Windows ?

What about DRM like SecuROM and others ? How is this handled ? Is a nocd patch required ?

Sometimes with games I like to use a further command on starting them, eg. in Windows
I select the game icon, properties and change the call, eg.
c:/Program Files/game/game.exe (extra command here). Is this sort of thing possible with
PlayOnLinux installations ?

Can trainers be used for games ?