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Will POL improve programme performance compared to WINE alon

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dpatel Thursday 17 June 2010 at 12:05

Hi -

I wanted to ask if POL just makes installation of programmes easier or can actually improve the performance of programmes once loaded?

For example, I have MS Office 2003 installed using WINE - but it is slow to start and I have some minor compatibility issues (some docs don't format correctly).

So can POL help with these issues by better configuring the installation (e.g. by picking the optimal version of WINE, setting correct DLL overrides, other??)?

Also, should I unistall WINE and remove my 'c drive' before trying POL?
Aymeric P. Tuesday 22 June 2010 at 22:58
Aymeric P.


POL make installation easier, by configure the Wine Prefix not to have speeder launch but to have something usably.

Some times this one increase performance, but not always.

You don't need to remove Wine, POL use the system version prior to it's own version.
For some application we use a specific version of wine because of regression in wine.

PlayOnLinux will install all application into it's folder (~/.PlayOnLinux) and in a separate prefix (so there is no conflict between 2 or more apps. So except if you need disk space, you don't have any reason to remove wine folder's.

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