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Microsoft Office 2007 installation, no Polish letters

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www Thursday 26 August 2010 at 17:36

Hi everybody,

I have Ubuntu 10.04, gnome, installed on an Toshiba Satellite Laptop (some old model with Celeron 1.7, 1.5 GB of RAM etc.), which runs pretty smoothly.

I badly need Office 2007 working on it for professional reasons. I used playonlinux to install it, which went okay with the exception of being unable to register it on-line to get it unlocked, which I did on the phone.

But here's the real problem. Office won't let me insert Polish-specific letters (e.g. ą), which are produced with +ALT key. The Office interface is set to Polish and otherwise it seems to run okay. Also: Ubuntu system settings are Polish and so is Open Office (which has no problems with Polish letters).

The funny thing is that when you open a Polish document in Office 2007, those typically Polish letters look funny - as if they were in bold or something...

Any ideas?

Oh - I'm a newbie. I use Linux and like it, but not necessarily understand how it works, so bear that in mind.