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cheesekiller Monday 24 January 2011 at 5:01

Ive been told from many people that all the unreal games are easily wineable but....... I'm not exactly a master of doing things as i just switched to ubuntu 3 months ago.

The unreal series is classic as far as PC games go and as far as i know only ut99 and ut2k4 run natively on linux. however the anthology doesnt have linux versions of any of the games but comes with unreal, unreal 2, UT99,and UT2k4. i've tried a bunch of times to install unreal with pol but everytime it ends up in error though one time i did get it to open up for a split second and then crap out. unreal editor for ut99 seems to work except you can't move around.... which ok makes it impossible to use, but the other features of unreal ed seem to work.

Maybe this isn't the best suggestion for pol but i totally think it should be on the list of compatible games.