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Knights and merchants

Doesn't start, derp ;)

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DiviC Saturday 5 February 2011 at 15:14

Hello all!
I have this urge to play my favorite game as a child "Knights and Merchants".
But all I have is the already installed game so I don't have an iso or CD to install it from. Who knows, that might be the issues (don't really use Wine that much)

So I have the game unpacked on my disk and tries to run it from there (might need some help here how to get through ut, I've might be doing it wrong)

Anyways, as the game starts I get a black screen and an error msg. Please help out if you're able to :)

I run:
Ubuntu 10.10
Wine 1.2.2
PoL 3.7.6

Nothing changed what so ever in anything.. I mostly just use my computer to check facebook :P