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How to make an installed program to be available to all users?

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camolin3 Saturday 30 July 2011 at 8:30

Hi guys!

My problem is quite simple to understand, I guess. I've installed MS Office 2007 in my Ubuntu 11.04 machine, with the last version of POL, in my personal session/account. Everything was good, the apps work fine :D

I was so happy that I call my brother and I asked him to open his session and try to open a .docx file with Office... but we couldn't find Word or Excel in the system or in POL (actually, it's seems I'd never installed Office) :(

It was a bit frustrating for me. So I change session and I logon on my account... and the Office was installed there!!! Every app was available just for the user that install that app.

I've been reading around and it seen that POL install the apps in the user directory. Is there any manual that explain me how to install apps that are available for all the user in a machine (here, for me and my brother)? Maybe installing apps in a public directory?

Please help. I'm really a newby about linux, but it's really interesting :)