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Multiple disc install

Might be worth reading for other games/apps that have multiple discs

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machmanx Monday 15 August 2011 at 0:54

I tried installing Sonic Adventure DX, and playonlinux does ask me for the location of both cds on my computer, but the installer still prompts me for the location of cd2. It's really annoying.:@ BTW, I'm using Furius ISO mount for the disc images.

I don't understand #4 in "solutions for frequent problems" as I don't know how to create a new prefix, nor do I have a drives tab. I'm using Kubuntu, so maybe a translation for Kubuntu would help.

I was able to get this game installed by using standalone Wine 1.3.26 (first time I used Wine) by assigning the mounted ISO Disc 1 to the drive letter D:, then running setup.exe directly in the mounted drive. Then when the installer asked me for Disc 2, I just assigned the mounted ISO Disc 2 to the drive letter D: and chose that drive in the browse or choose drive button in the installer, and the installer finished installing the game. Wonder if this would work for other multi-disc games? Unfortunately, the videos in the game were upside down (gameplay was fine) and there was no audio during gameplay, but present in the videos.

With playonlinux, I tried the above, but the installer would not see the D: drive. I noticed that the program was using Wine 1.0.1 on the game...maybe that's why.

I spent hours on this but no luck. So can anyone help me out here? :sad: