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Office 2007 - Registration issue

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Scyth Wednesday 17 August 2011 at 0:04


Unfortunately I have some isses with (the amzing) playonlinux with :@ :devil: °_° :laught:: office 2007 (my wife needs it, damn).
Install? Check.
Running? Check.
Only problem is, that he tries to configure Office everytime I start and/or close word. Only Word? Yes, only word!
Excel? No problem!
Powerpoint? No problem!
This only happens with word.
[Comment by myself: God, I hate M$, Windows, and so on]

While searching for a solution I found this:
Conclusion: This happens under windows too, if a 2nd word is installed. Before installing office with playonlinux I tried wine. So there is under ~/.wine/drive_c/Programme/Office an installation of word (did I already mention that I hate microsoft?)

So... First step should be... dunno... get rid of office in wine? How should I do that? There is no uninstall.exe. Can I delete it? Should I erase my .wine folder? No idea...

- Kubuntu 11.04
- Playonlinux (tried 4.0 but couldn't start it)
- Wine 1.2.2

Thank you for all your help!

PS: Sorry for my sarkasm... just had to let it out after working on this for several hours my wife who could not use libre.

Quentin PÂRIS Wednesday 17 August 2011 at 0:22
Quentin PÂRIS


To delete Office 2007 in wine, you can try to run wine uninstaller
For PlayOnLinux 4, have you tried 4.0.1 ? It fixes a problem prevent it from running

For your problem, first, try another wine version (1.2.3)
Scyth Wednesday 17 August 2011 at 18:35

continued here with next problem: